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      Recruiting Platform

      Source relevant candidates based on industry, company location and size, revenue, title, job function, employees, similar companies, and more.

      Connect with candidates faster with more direct dials and email addresses.

      Access to top-notch, passive candidates gives recruiters a competitive edge. In fact, 85% of people say they'd switch jobs, but only 18% of businesses recruit passive candidates!*

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      More Qualified Candidates with ZoomInfo

      For over a decade, ZoomInfo has helped B2B organizations achieve their most important objective: profitable growth.

      Backed by our database containing over 221 million professionals and 9.3 million businesses, ZoomInfo provides the most accurate and actionable B2B data available – including more direct dial phone numbers and emails than any other market intelligence provider.

      recruiting platform66MBusiness Emails
      recruiting platform42MDirect Dials


      recruiting platform

      Identify and Connect Faster

      Connect with ideal candidates faster with our advanced search functionality. Then, armed with work history, direct dial numbers, and personal and professional email addresses, you’re equipped to hire top-notch candidates.

      recruiting platform

      Always Reach Your Intended Target

      Not only does ZoomInfo provide the most accurate and actionable contact information, but with automated data maintenance, we keep your contacts up-to-date— so you know how to reach them regardless of employment changes.

      recruiting platform

      Recruit More Passive Candidates

      Sometimes, great candidates are already employed. Now, they’re no longer off-limits. We have the data you need to connect with and recruit top-notch talent, whether or not they’re actively searching for new employment.

      recruiting platform

      Access Deep Company Insight

      ZoomInfo’s deep business intelligence goes beyond individual contacts and provides the context you need to identify ideal candidates. With our platform you get access to organization charts, company hierarchies, and more!

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      Connect with candidates faster directly in your workflows.


      Sales and marketing intelligence in your own CRM or MAP.

      “ZoomInfo allows us to automate what was formerly a lengthy, manual process. Now, we can engage and target a lot of people with exceptional precision. Targeting the best means we are landing the best of the best.”

      Ken Brown

      Managing Director at Hire10

      “From the beginning, ZoomInfo provided better details and accuracy. Profiles include direct phone numbers and email addresses, along with up-to-date and accurate information about each person’s background and experience.”

      Chris Murdock

      Co-founder & Senior Partner at IQTalent Partners

      “ZoomInfo is a market changer. It’s the only place that has large amounts of reliable data, and it’s up-to-date all the time...When you’re a recruiter, you owe your client your absolute best effort. And to do that, you have to use the best tools. ZoomInfo is fantastic.”

      David Perry

      Managing Partner at Perry-Martel International

      “In the simplest of terms, this has been an incredibly affordable tool that has had a major impact. The results have been positive as we have been able to locate market intelligence and passive candidates for every client industry vertical that we serve.”

      Tony Stemen

      Research & Sourcing Manager at Novo Group

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