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      Database Management

      Database Analysis: Conduct an audit to uncover holes in your database and identify trends within your customer base.

      Database Normalization: Normalize your data to ensure all contact information is in the correct format.

      Database Cleanliness: Cleanse your database of bad or duplicate records and maintain your data hygiene.

      Why ZoomInfo?

      For over a decade, ZoomInfo has helped B2B organizations achieve their most important objective: profitable growth.

      Backed by our database containing over 221 million professionals and 9.3 million businesses, ZoomInfo provides the most accurate and actionable B2B data available – including more direct dial phone numbers and emails than any other market intelligence provider.

      contact data management66MBusiness Emails
      contact data management42MDirect Dials


      contact data management

      Cleanse Your Database

      We keep your database fresh and up-to-date through ongoing, instant data cleansing. Fuel your sales and marketing strategies with consistently complete, accurate information and never worry about the quality of your data again.

      contact data management

      Enrich Your Contact Data

      Instantly enhance your database with deep, accurate data. Update your existing records and fill in missing information with high-quality contact, demographic and firmographic information.

      contact data management

      Maintain Data Consistency

      Through automated data normalization, we ensure all your incoming and existing contact information is not only accurate and up-to-date, but also correctly formatted to maintain consistency across your database.

      contact data management

      Access Intelligent Database Analysis

      We provide you with detailed analytics about the health of your database, help you identify trends within your target audience, and offer personalized recommendations to improve your go-to-market strategies.

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      Sales and marketing intelligence in your own CRM or MAP.

      “Because data drives any and all business decisions, ZoomInfo has successfully touched all parts of our organization. And with ZoomInfo’s current, complete and clean data powering our tech stack, we’ve been able to make even more effective decisions as an organization.”

      Michelle Kidd

      Director of Sales at Sigstr

      “Having a reliable source of data that both the sales and marketing teams trust, that’s huge for us. Our sales reps were already seeing success with ZoomInfo and now both sales and marketing are on the same page in terms of the data we’re working using.”

      Billy Huang

      Senior Marketing Operations Manager at LeanData

      “ZoomInfo’s demographic and firmographic data is key for us; it allows us to target the right titles and industries. And with accurate contact information, we’re able to make live connects with these accounts.”

      Jeff Hendricks

      Manager of Business Development at Appcues

      “With the direct dial phone numbers that ZoomInfo provides in its platform, my team’s collective call-to-connect rate has surged to 85% -- more than double what we had prior to our partnership. Bottom line: We have doubled the number of qualified meetings set as a sales organization.”

      John Pellegrino

      Sales Development Manager at DataBank IMX

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