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      Customer Success

      Justin Hiatt Vice President of Digital Sales at Workfront.

      With ZoomInfo, we more than doubled our activity; and our efficiency skyrocketed. Since then, we’ve grown our pipeline over 90% per year.

      Hear more success stories from companies like yours

      Added and updated 273,000 direct dials to their CRM

      40% increase in lead conversions

      798% increase in call to connect rates and 41% increase in pipeline creation

      Increased number of meetings booked by 61%

      646% increase in direct dials

      50% increase in customer acquisitions

      Boosted number of meetings scheduled by 87%

      Grew MoM customer acquisition by 900%

      Batted in over $100,000 in revenue with ZoomInfo

      Loadsmart Q&A: A ZoomInfo Growth Story Snapshot

      Improved workflows and drove prospecting efficiency

      Increased pipeline by 90% YoY

      Consolidated 5 legacy databases into one single source of truth

      Streamlined workflows and increased productivity

      Increased number of meetings scheduled by 85%

      Increased conversion rates by over 400%

      Streamlined processes and increased productivity

      126% YoY increase in lead gen volume

      Increased sales prospecting efficiency with ReachOut

      200% increase in CRM data coverage

      Reduced sales cycle from 90 days to 62 days

      Each BDR saves 5-6 hours per week prospecting

      The sales team gained back 50 hours per week

      Increased connect rates by 5%

      ZoomInfo helped enhance and improve prospecting efforts

      Increased prospecting efficiency

      Increased number of meetings set by over 31%

      Drove internal alignment & revenue generation

      Meetings set per rep increased by 27%

      Extended reach without reducing deliverability

      Increased connect rate by 3x

      Reached key decision makers 5x faster

      Increased the number of new leads per day by 75%

      Increased the number of meetings set by 20%

      Increased sales prospecting efficiency by 300%

      Reached 10x more contacts per week

      Increased prospect touch points by 300%

      Added 2,000 candidates to talent pipeline

      10% Increase in sales research productivity

      Top account coverage increased by 350%

      Reached decision makers 4x faster

      Saved 276,000 minutes per year prospecting

      Reached targeted prospects faster

      Increased pipeline with highly accurate data

      Helped save time and drive success

      188% ROI within months

      Improved email campaigns

      Delivered candidates 25% faster

      Produced $2M in revenue

      Reduced time to fill from 4 months to 3 days

      Targeted new clients

      Produced new clients

      Reached decision makers faster

      Received 10x return on investment

      High-level database growth

      Increased conversion rates

      Improved CTRs by 300%

      Shortened the sales cycle

      Reached 2x the amount of targeted leads

      Increased pipeline opportunity

      Doubled email output

      Improved email click-through rate by 900%