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      “The challenge, autonomy, and respect.”

      Katie Mariano, Director of Product

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      “I have the opportunity to work on challenging projects, achieve success as a team, and have the ability to grow within the organization.”

      Breda Hurley, Director, Customer Marketing

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      “I have a support system that empowers me to be as successful as you want to be.”

      Ryan Parker, Account Executive

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      “My managers are there to support my career and help me grow.”

      Chris Claude, Video Production Manager

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      “I can't wait for the weekend to end.”

      Natalie Bar-Natan, Applications Manager

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      “We build products that solve people's problems using cutting edge technologies.”

      Hasmik Sarkezians, Director of Engineering, Apps Architecture

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      “I have the support and mentorship from managers, so I can continue to grow professionally.”

      Rachel Netson, Sales Development Representative

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      “I work with people who inspire me.”

      Tal Raz, Director of Marketing Operations

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      “Making employees happy doesn't have to take a lot of effort or money, but it does require companies to put workers first. Our winning companies know that their people are their most valuable assets.”

      Open positions

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      Think you could be an excellent part of our team, but don't see an exact fit? Please send us your resume!


      At ZoomInfo, we care about our employees and here are just a few ways we show it.

      Health Coverage

      Competitive health, dental & vision coverage.

      Unlimited Vacation

      Unlimited vacation time on top of paid holidays.

      Financial Perks

      401(k), match & bonus plans.